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Life Of Ami – Season 1 Episode 1

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Life Of Ami/ Season 1 Episode 1, life of ami zee world full story/life of ami zee world cast

Cover Photo of llife of Ami

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Ami, as Was sleeping, was imagining the father talking to her. The Father in the imagination told Ami not to be afraid of  exams, that there are tougher exams ahead in life. Ami ask the father, Harsh, if He is going to be with her. Harsh replied, “i will always be with You” . then Ami told the father “i wont be afraid”.

Shruti “Ami’s mother” and Khushboo “the sister”, entered her room to tell Ami to wake up and prepare for school as the day is there result day. Ami would prefer to keep sleeping as she doesnt know what her result would be like. And after-all its just a result day. Shruti told Ami to look at Kushboo who has prepared for school since 8am. kushboo even had to correct the mother noting that she got prepared earlier than that.



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After Shruti have told Ami to get up from bed and prepare, and that today being result day that she is going to follow them to school. kushboo teases Ami telling her that she got no place to hide if she fails her result.

meanwhile, Ami started praying as she prepares for school, she prayed to pass her exams especially Maths. She sounds so weak in counting as she tries to count how many days in a month which she has been a good girl.

As Ami was coming out, Ami met Kushboo, praying too, both begged To pass the maths Subject and Not Just that, Ami and kushboo  ask Why In the first pace should Mathematics be invented..

Khushboo told Ami to ask God for money which will used  incase she wants to runs away. Ami asks the God for the blessings and some wall falls on her head from the roof.

Ami’s dadi tells Shruti, I had told you to get it fixed, next time whole wall will come down.

Shruti says everything will be by done next week. The  Dad asks how she was going to get it, and  if she is getting any lottery. Shruti says, insurance money is going to come. Khushboo and Ami also tells Shrui what they want. Shruti then asks Ami to get blessings from her dad too. Ami goes to his photo and takes the blessings.


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